Kerr Contour Amalgam – Regular Set


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Kerr Contour – Dispersed Phase Silver Amalgam
Contour is a dispersed phase (admix) alloy that features a firm pack with smooth carving. With 70% spherical and 30% lathe-cut particles, you get more body for better contacts in an easy-to-condense formulation. Contour helps avoid chipping and flaking of marginal ridges. Contour capsules are self-activating – no special activation device is required.

– Self-Activating: Fast and easy, no activation step
– Pouched Mercury: Reliable and consistent mixes
– ”Pinch & Turn” opening technique: No tool required
– Re-sealable Capsule: Efficient and compliant disposal
– Traditional color-coding system: Nothing new to remember, looks just like the original
– Works with any amalgamator: No new equipment required