Kerr NX3 XTR Cementation System


Kerr NX3 XTR Cementaion System

System Contains:
– 1 x 5ml NX3 Dual Cure Clear syringe
– 1 x 5ml OptiBond XTR Primer bottle
– 1 x 5ml OptiBond XTR Adhesive Bottle
– Applicator tips and instructions

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Kerr NX3 XTR – NX3 Nexus Third Generation & OptiBond XTR

NX3 XTR cementation system blends the versatility of NX3 Nexus Third Generation Universal Dental Cement with the adhesion superiority of OptiBond XTR Self-Etch, Universal Dental Bonding Agent for a new standard of permanent cementation for all esthetic materials.

Product features include:
– Effortless removal
– Superior color stability
– High adhesion
– Minimal post-op sensitivity.