Kerr SlickGel ES


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Kerr SlickGel ES
– 1ml polytubes
– Polytubes contains EDTA
– Box of 12 polytubes

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Kerr SlickGel ES – Canal Lubricant
SlickGel ES is a specially formulated canal lubrication used to aid in the negotiation of root canals by endodontic instruments. Each MicroDose polytube contains EDTA that chelates calcifications in the root canal system. Sodium hypochlorite irrigants react with SlickGel ES’s urea peroxide to produce vigorous bubbling action that helps flush debris from the root canal system.

SlickGel ES is composed of a water-soluble base containing urea peroxide and an aqueous solution of EDTA, which aids in chemically removing the smear layer. SlickGel ES primarily provides a lubricating medium that helps with the negotiation of a stainless steel hand file into an endodontically treated tooth. This step is important in that it helps prevent blockage during the cleaning and shaping process. Combined with SmearClear, used at the end of the procedure, the smear layer can be effectively removed.

The SlickGel ES canal lubrication medium is packaged in single-use 1ml MicroDose polytubes that cut open easily. Twelve SlickGel polytubes are conveniently sealed in a resealable poly bag for easy storage and dispensing.