Acteon AIR-N-GO EASY with Kavo Multiflex Adapter

SKU: ACTF10100
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Air N Go is designed for supra- and subgingival prophylactic treatments of dental and prosthetic surfaces. It is used with Air N Go polishing powders.

  • Fast start-up: direct connection to the high speed handpiece connector
  • Thin and well-balanced
  • 360° swivel handpiece for fast and accurate treatment
  • Parts can be dismantled for easy cleaning

A single handpiece to cover supra-gingival prophylaxis and subgingival treatments.


  • 1 x convertible AIR N GO EASY Handpiece
  • 1 x Kavo Multiflex Adapter
  • 1 x Supra 120′ nozzle
  • 1 x Intro Kit of 10 mulit-flavour sticks of “Classic” powder
  • 1 x AIR N GO maintenance kit (replacement o’rings, syringe of silicone grease with brushes, cannula, cleaning drill)


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