Clinijet Dental Aspiration Unit Cleaner & Disinfectant

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CliniJet is a powerful solution specifically formulated for the Effectively Cleaning and Disinfecting of dental aspiration / suction line systems. It's powerful, safe, economical, and highly effective.

  • CliniJet Daily should be used each day as part of the routine cleaning of aspiration lines to remove the bio-burden from the lumen of the drainage lines.
  • Passes the TGA Disinfectant Test Option B.
  • - It's a highly effective cleaner incorporating an advanced de-foaming formulation for repeat sanitation of the aspiration lines.
  • It Incorporates unique de-foaming surfactants that ensure detergency of contaminating soils and penetration of the biofilm.
  • Mild alkaline auxiliary agents enhance the activity of the sanitising agents and aid in the solubilization of proteins and soils. 

  • CliniJet-Weekly should be used once or twice per week as part of the routine maintenance & sanitation of aspiration lines & will enhance the removal of bio-burden.
  • Highly effective sanitizer will remove all soils that are resistant to other detergents.
  • Incorporates unique de-foam surfactants that will penetrate the bio-film and contaminated soils.
  • Mildly acidic de-scale agents (based on natural Lactic acid and Citric acid) are incorporated for their excellent compatibility with metal, plastic and rubber components.
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