Dentech Rubber Dam Clamps, Glossy - Tiger, Winged

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  • Rubber Dam Clamps are made of specially selected and tempered stainless steel.
  • Ideal spring action and high resistance against the corrosion.
  • Various forms are available, so you can choose clamps in accordance with the teeth.
  • Sold individually


# 1T - For bicuspid root with festooned serrated beaks

# 1AT - For bicuspids, especially for subgingival cavities with deeply festooned serrated beaks

# 2T - For lower bicuspids with flat serrated beaks

# 2AT - For upper and lower bigger bicuspids with flat serrated beaks. A little bigger than 2T

# 9T - Used for labial cavities on anteriors with off set serrated beaks

# 14T - For partially erupted molars with serrated deeply festooned beaks

# 56T - For lower molars with festooned beaks


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