Hawe SoftClamp

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  • Secure: Unique design with grip-tight coating on the jaws minimises rotation, ensuring secure, solid retention
  • Safe: No sharp edges. Evenly distributed clamping force. Minimises risk of harm to soft tissue, tooth structure or delicate restorations
  • Versatile: Provides a secure, stable fit for varying molar tooth anatomies and sizes
  • Compatible: Accommodates all types of dental rubber dam forceps. Prevents forceps tips penetrating through the clamp, which could affect the gingiva
  • Autoclavable: Well-suited for multiple use
  • Pack of 5

The efficacy of a dental rubber dam clamp depends on its ability to grip the tooth firmly, thereby preventing the clamp or dam slipping. A mismatch of contact between the clamp's gripping edge and the tooth surface can concentrate the gripping force on a single contact point, causing depressions in the tooth's surface.

SoftClamp's unique design distributes the applied force evenly, reducing the pressure on the contact area. The grip-tight coating of the clamps' jaws allows SoftClamp to engage the tooth surface gently but firmly, minimising the risk of slippage and eliminating the cause of patient discomfort and iatrogenic damage to the teeth.


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