Kerr Hawe Transparent Cervical Matrices - Assorted Kit

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Kit contains:

  • 35 matrices of 5 shapes (851S – 855S),
  • 50 matrices of 2 shapes (856S – 857S),
  • 1 gingival retractor,
  • 1 holding instrument

Hawe anatomically-shaped transparent cervical matrices are ideal for Class V restorations

  • Improved flexibility – bendable and adaptable with less memory effect.
  • Adapts to the tooth anatomy.
  • No manipulation needed before making the filling.
  • Thin edges – no excess composite, precise  rebuilding of the tooth.
  • Visual control of the filling quality.
  • No stickiness to the composite.
  • Absence of oxygen inhibition layer; minimal finishing work needed.
  • Provides protection from moisture and air.
  • Directly compressible resulting in compact filling.


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