Kerr TF Files - Tip #25 / Taper .12 / Length 23mm

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Pack of 3 files

  • Tip: 25 (red)
  • Taper: 0.12 (purple band)
  • Length: 23mm


The Twisted File (TF) is the first file to combine 3 unique and proprietary processes to deliver optimal strength and flexibility:

  1. R-Phase™ heat treatment technology: TF is produced with Kerr Endodontics´ proprietary R-Phase Technology. This patented technology is used to increase file flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue.
  2. Twisted design, not ground: Twisting helps preserve grain structure and reduces formation of microfractures, making the file even more durable.
  3. Strength and flexibility that can be measured: In a torsional stress comparison, Twisted Files absorbed more energy before fracture than ground blanks1Twisted files can withstand approximately 60% more torque than files made using a traditional manufacturing process. One study showed that Twisted Files are up to 70% more flexible than the other NiTi files tested2.

1 Nicoll T, Oestreich L, Tang C, Ravi VA. Evaluation of product properties resulting from a new NiTi endodontic file manufacturing process.
Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, California State Polytechnic University, 2006.
2 JOE — Volume 40, Number 11, November 2014 — Assessment of the Mechanical Properties of ProTaper Next Nickel-Titanium Rotary Files


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