Mani Depth Finder - 21mm

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  • Pack of 6

Stainless steel (rust-resistant) path finding files

  • Exellent Strength and Corrosion Resistance - D Finder's D-shaped cross-section has acheived blade part strength unprecedented with conventional path finding files. Mani has adopted stainless steel which has high corrosion resistance to any kind of sterilisation including autoclave, chemical vapour, and super acid water.
  • D-Shape Cross Section- The D Finder's D-Shaped cross section not only strengthens the blade part, but also permits the blade tip to reach the path easilt and efficiently, obviating excessive cutting and intrusion in the calcified root canals or in the curved root canal. Its ISO 2/100 standard taper allows for a smooth transition to other files to complete instrumentation.
  • Fracture Resistance - D Finders are 1.5 times more resistant to fracture than other path finding files. The D Finders permit effective path finding in the calcified root canal or in the curved root canals.


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