Mani K-Files - 25mm

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Identification by numbering

Clear numbers are marked on the top of the handle, making it easy to identify the sizes of instruments when they are placed in a reamer box.

Grooves to stop slipping

The horizontal grooves, incorporated into the handle, prevent slipping when used.

Colour coding

Diametric size of reamers or files are identified by colour coding of the handle.

Sharp edge and mirror like finish

Flawless edge and mirror like finishing are applied to the surface.

Drop preventing thread eye

Eyes for a chain or a string are provided to avoid dropping when used.

  • Taper of 2/100 confirming to the I.S.O standards
  • Rubber stoppers are inserted according to each shape and size
  • The package allows you to confirm the shape, size, and length from the outside


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