Medline Sensicare PI Surgical Gloves

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Medline’s SensiCare PI Surgical Gloves are a sterile, polyisoprene, latex-free and powder-free gloving solution that provides the user with the performance of latex, but without the risk of an allergic reaction.

The structure of these sterile, polyisoprene surgical gloves is practically identical to latex, providing the same level of comfort and flexible movement. In addition, powder-free gloves can help increase staff safety and decrease the transmission of germs. For easy donning, even with damp hands, SensiCare PI Surgical Gloves have an E-Z glide inner coating.

Medline's SensiCare PI sterile surgical gloves increase wearers’ comfort level and reduce fatigue during prolonged procedures, due to the mould’s anatomical design.

Features of SensiCare PI Surgical Gloves include:

  • Cream-coloured
  • Smooth gripping
  • 0.23-mm finger thickness, ideal for general surgery
  • Tapered and beaded cuff that enables the gloves to stick to the surgical gown and prevent cuff roll-down during use
  • Tested for chemotherapy agent permeation.
  • 50 pairs of gloves per box - sold per box.


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