Optum F Prophy Paste With Fluoride - Flavoured 200g

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Optum F Prophypaste is for removal of surface stains, pellicle and calculus on teeth not removed through normal patient brushing and oral hygiene. Specifically formulated for mild abrasion (polishing) and cleaning of tooth structures. Optum F is also a paediatric prophypaste which provides a supplementary treatment of topical fluoride to tooth surfaces. This assists in prevention of caries and sensitivity on the newly exposed surfaces.

  • Contains 0.22% Sodium Fluoride for topical application
  • High density, non-splatter formulation
  • Effects abrasion, dissolves surface stains and topical fluoride application
  • Doesn't dry-out, maintains consistency
  • Presented in convenient, low-form, 200g plastic jar


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