Ormco Damon Archwire - Copper Ni-Ti With Stops

SKU: 205-1909
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Copper NiTi is a quaternary alloy that provides the unique benefit of a low hysteresis, allowing the clinician to easily engage the wire which increases efficiency and provides more comfort for the patient. The addition of copper to traditional nickel titanium enhances thermal reactive properties and consistency of forces. The true temperature-activated formula, the combination of alloys, sophisticated manufacturing and thermal treatment processes provide proven clinical efficiency and patient benefits. Every lot of Ormcos Copper NiTi wire is manufactured with their proprietary raw material blend and precision processing, which results in wires that deliver the desired and expected forces, every time.

  • Manufacturing temperature consistency and precise dimensional consistency means more reliable outcomes
  • True heat activation, TTR within +/- 2 C tolerance
  • Superior resistance to permanent deformation than NiTi
  • Easy to engage, even in the most severe cases
  • Pack of 10


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