PDS Mini Perio Pack

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PDS Mini Perio Pack Contains:
1 x Chlorofluour Gel 30ml – Chlorhexidine and Fluroride gel
1 x  Bright Teeth Gel 10% – Teeth whitening bleach


The Perio Pack Mini contains Chlorofluor Gel (30 ml) and Bright Teeth Gel (30 ml), along with Professional and Consumer information. Chlorofluor combines chlorhexidine with fluoride to improve gingival health and caries resistance. Using a toothbrush, alternate applications of Bright Teeth Gel (carbamide peroxide) and Chlorofluor Gel morning and night. Brushing alternately with these products will reduce gingival inflammation, improve fluoride uptake and prevent cervical staining from forming as well as bleaching the teeth.


Chlorhexidine helps control plaque and eases localised gingival and oral infections, Small amounts of fluoride ions present are taken up by tooth structure and help to increase resistance to dental caries improves the binding of chlorhexidine onto tooth surfaces. Carbamide Peroxide 10% gel is a plaque inhibitor that is particularly effective against gram -ve bacteria and has a demonstrated ability to bleach tooth structure with varying degrees of effectiveness. By alternating daily applications of Chlorhexidine and Carbamide Peroxide bacterial plaque is inhibited, particularly gram -ve. The Carbamide Peroxide inhibits Chlorhexidine staining and the Fluoride in the ChloroFluor reduces cervical sensitivity caused by the Carbamide Peroxide.

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