Pentron FibreKleer 4x Parallel Post – Pack of 30 Refills

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FibreKleer 4x Fiber Posts have outstanding radiopacity of up to 400% of aluminum — to help ensure that they are clearly identified on a radiograph at placement and follow-up appointments. Translucent glass fibers are bundled in a proprietary clear resin matrix to provide reliable flexural strength and help preserve the desired, natural lifelike esthetics.

A dentin-like flexural modulus results in a post that flexes with the tooth and transmits stress more evenly along the remaining root structure to help minimize the instance of root fractures, compared to metal posts. For convenience, the Post System Kit packaging features a bur block to securely hold posts and drills while also improving accessibility. 

Product benefits

  • Radiopacity up to 400% of Al – the post is clearly identified on a radiograph
  • Multiple sizes and body styles – enables you to fit the post to the tooth—not the tooth to the post
  • Mimics properties of the root – ideal flexural modulus properties help minimize root fractures
  • Excellent light translucency – glass fibers help to preserve the natural lifelike esthetics


  • Retaining core build-ups in endodontically treated teeth that have a minimum of 2mm of coronal tooth structure above the crestal bone.


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