Pentron Image Dust-Free Alginate Value Pak - Fast Set

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  • Fast set
  • 10 x 500g bags
  • 1 x cannister
  • 1 x scoop and water vial


Alginate impression materials are elastic, irreversible hydrocolloid impression materials made from seaweed. They are used to make primary or preliminary impressions of a patient’s teeth and gums to obtain diagnostic study models, which are the positive reproductions of the teeth and surrounding structures. This colloidal material forms a gel when the powder is mixed with water. It solidifies into an elastic mass capable of producing a negative reproduction of the oral cavity (an impression). They are also used to fabricate bleaching trays and mouth guards. Alginate is the most universally utilized impression material in dentistry. Image Alginate is a green-colored, mint flavored alginate and comes in two options Regular Set, Fast Set.

Product benefits

  • Dust free - eliminates the mess
  • Speedy Results - Rapid and bubble-free mixing
  • Allows the option of delayed pouring for up to 4 days*
  • Green-colored, mint-scented alginate that delivers a smooth surface with detail
  • Flexible – Easy to remove from the mouth
  • IMAGE is 100% biode-gradable

Timing (based on deionized water temperature of 73°F (23°C))* ± 0:15 minute

Mixing Time Working Time (including mixing time) Setting Time (including mixing time)
30 seconds 1:45 minute 2:20 minutes


Image Alginate Dental Impression materials areirreversible hydrocolloids for dental impressions used by the dentist to take the anatomical dataof the patient’s mouth and subsequently realize a plaster mold useful to diagnose problems, define the required interventions and/or check their effectiveness. The device is intended to provide models for study and for production of restorative prosthetic devices, such as dentures.


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