Acteon Piezotome Cube

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Give a new dimension to your dental practice with Piezotome® Cube. Delicate procedures can be done much faster, without making any compromise between maximum power output and patient safety. The new generation of ACTEON® piezoelectric device embodies the next step in superior and atraumatic osseous surgery procedures.

Piezotome® ultrasonic surgery is guided by patented NEWTRON® technology. The handpiece and tips are perfectly tuned to ensure the best performance with unique clinical benefits, to tackle each surgery with confidence.


  • Alternation between high and low intensity
  • Soft tissue preservation with better tissue recovery and cell regeneration


  • Automatic adjustment 28-36kHz according to every tip’s shape and weight
  • Maximum performance for each procedure

Dynamic Power System Inside (D.P.S.I) power intuitively adapted for maximum efficiency and safety.

According to the resistance encountered, the D.P.S.I. smart assistance will:

  • Increase the power +30% improving cutting performance
  • Decrease the power -10% to be even safer on soft tissues

Unit Dimensions:

Length 251mm x Height 160mm x Depth 271mm

Weight: 3.5kg

Footswitch Dimensions:

Length 173mm x Height 140mm x Depth 176mm

Weight: 1kg


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