Terumo Hypodermic Irrigation Needles

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Terumo Agani needles feature the ultra sharp lancet point. The precisely honed edges and unique bevel design easily penetrate tissue with an incision that minimizes trauma. An exclusive silicone lubrication allows the needle to advance smoothly. These needles can also be used for irrigation.

Agani needles are individually packed in a sterile, colour-coded blister package with clear indication of the expiry date.

The transparent colour-coded hub allows for easy gauge identification.

The moulded, rigid needle protector ensures the integrity of the needle until the moment of use.

The Terumo-thin wall needles allow you to choose a smaller, more comfortable gauge size with increased flow rates over Regular and Thin walled needles. Additionally, injection fluids with a high viscosity can be injected more smoothly than with standard needles.

Box of 100.


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