Zhermack Alginate

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Zhermack Hydrogum

Hydrogum is an historical alginate for versatile use.

Used in dental practices for over 20 years, Hydrogum was one of Zhermack’s first alginates and is still one of the most popular in over 50 countries.
This elastic and versatile alginate satisfies the many demands of daily clinical practice, whilst guaranteeing satisfactory results.

Zhermack Hydrocolor

Hydrocolor 5high-performance chromatic alginate with 5 days of dimensional stability.

The 5 days of dimensional stability simplify dentists’ daily practice, by allowing them longer to send the impression to the dental technician. Impression accuracy is guaranteed for up to 120 hours.

Zhermack Orthoprint

Orthoprint is an extra-fast alginate with a vanilla scent that is recommended for orthodontic use.

The limited time in mouth, which is well-tolerated by patients*, combined with its vanilla scent that is pleasant for children**, are the distinctive characteristics that make it the recommended solution for orthodontists and children’s dentists.

Recommended for orthodontics by 97% of users*.

*Key-Stone Italia survey, 2019
**Zhermack Italy and Germany survey, 2019

Zhermack Tropicalgin

Tropicalgin is a chromatic alginate for versatile use.

The chromatic variation provides the practitioner with a visual guide when processing the material for impression taking.

Zhermack Neocolloid

Alginate with an extended time in mouth is ideal for reproducing the soft tissues, recommended for removable prostheses.


Product Name Working Time (min:s)
Time in Mouth (min:s) Setting time (min:s) Scent
Hydrogum 5 1:05 0:45 1:50 Mangustan
Hydrocolor 1:10 1:00 2:10 Cool Berry
Orthoprint 1:05 0:45 1:50 Vanilla
Tropicalgin 1:35 1:00 2:35 Mango
Neocolloid 2:00 1:30 3:30 Spearmint
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