Acteon Newtron Scaler Tips

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NEWTRON technology and tips respond to practitioners clinical expertise.

The ultrasonic micro-oscillations transmitted from the handpiece to the tip generate perfectly linear movement. Therefore the tip undergoes to-and-fro movements in the axis of the handpiece.

The active area of each tip is located on the distal 2-3 mm. This working section may be applied on the surface to be treated, moving progressively from the crown to the root.


Acteon Newtron Scaling Tip 1S - F00245


- Slim Tip

Developed for supra- and sub-gingival scaling. Its more active lateral edges make it suitable for scaling the interproximal spaces.


Acteon Newtron Scaling tip N.1 - F00246


- Universal Tip

Recommended for simple cases: gross supra-gingival scaling.


Acteon Newtron Scaler tip N.2 - F00247


- Voluminous Calculus

Indicated for the removal of significant supra-gingival deposits. Apply the flat part to the tooth sufaces.


Acteon Newtron Scaler N.3 - F00248


- Stains

Removal of marks and stains (tobacco, tea, coffee etc).

The tip is used by applying the rounded extremity to the surface to be treated.


Acteon Newtron Scaler Tip N.10X - F00359


- Interproximal

With its flat active part, it is particularly suitable for the interproximal spaces and supra-gingival scaling.

Its anatomical shape allow fast and efficient procedure.


Acteon Newtron Scaler Tip N.10P - F00253


- Shallow Pockets

Fine round instrument suitable for scaling pockets less than 2-3mm deep.


Acteon Newtron Scaler Tip N.10Z - F00254


- Sub-gingival

Recommended for scaling medium pockets (<4mm).

Removal of biofilm and soft deposits, while evaluating the depth of the pockets using the marks every 3mm.


Acteon Newtron Hygiene Kit - F00935

Supplied with:

  • Tips No. 1, No. 1S, No. 10X, and H3
  • Autoclavable plastic box
  • 4 x blue autoclavable torque wrenches


Acteon Newtron Scaling Kit - F00934

Supplied with:

  • Tips No. 1, No. 1S, No. 10X, and H3
  • Autoclavable plastic box
  • 4x autoclavable dynamometric Newtron wrenches


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