Acteon Piezotome Surgery Tips - Universal Kit II

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This kit is a selection of 6 tips that can be applied to the following interventions:


  • LC1 - Ultrasonic periotome intended for syndesmotomy and periradicular osteotomy.
  • LC2 - Tip, particularly slim, allows access to the tight spaces between the root and the alveolar bone.
  • BS6 - Curved scalpel particularly effective for substantial osseous reshaping.
  • CE1 - Diamond-coated spherical tip (Ø 1.75mm) designed for osteoplasty in oral and palatal zones.
  • CE3 - For a fast restoration of the biologic width (laser mark placed at 3mm). Used perpendicularly or parallel to the bone, this tip is designed for ostectomies of the tooth-supporting bone in interproximal and oral (vestibular) and palatal periradicular zones.
  • PZ1 - Anterior corticotomies.












Due to the ultrasonic frequency modulation, a selective cut is achieved in surgical mode. Therefore, these tips limit the risk of soft tissue injury such as gingiva, ligaments, periodontal fibers, and nerves. The sterile spray helps to cool the tips.


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