NCA 360 Multi-Purpose Hospital Grade Disintectant, 5L

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The NCA 360 detergent is a modified medical grade solution which intensifies the kill rate of water-based prions whilst also being end user friendly to ensure best practice within the dental facility. The odorless compounds combine with its unique formula, allowing the 360 to be used not only in the Ultrasonic, but also as a scrubbing agent, cold steri, soaking tray and on metal surfaces within the steri area only.

This new technological advance within chemistry for cleaning and sterilisation eliminates the use of multiple detergents and other cleaning agents within the steri area, including alcohol and neutral detergent. Adhering to the correct pH level in accordance with ISO15883:2006, in relation to the removal of test soils, the 360 is the next step in the evolution of instrument cleaning.

  • Hospital grade disinfectant.
  • Eliminates the use of multiple detergents and other cleaning agents.
  • End user friendly.
  • Odourless compounds.


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