NCA ZERO Aspiration Unit Cleaner / Disinfectant, 5L

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NCA ZERO Aspiration Unit Cleaner/Disinfectant, 5L

A new innovative formula for suction line cleaners, NCA have taken it to the next level. All suction line cleaners use both Citric Acid and Phosphorous Acid to remove soils and bioburdens from the suction lines. NCA have neutralised the toxins from the acids used without limiting their effectiveness against biofilm and other soils commonly found within the suction line. Because of its neutralising capability, the NCA ZERO is safe to use for the end user but deadly against bacteria. It has limited dilution, using only 12ml of solution for every 1L of water, allowing your practice to operate cost effectively throughout the year.

➢ Aspiration unit cleaner.

➢ Made in Australia.

➢ Non-Toxic & Safe to use.

➢ Non-Corrosive.

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